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Event Visions 


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Best in Class Guarantee

Our event professionals are committed to offering you options for in-house services, pass through services without mark-ups, and access to preferred vendors.  We vow to offer full logistics support and requested event management services with our staff and not third-party vendors.  We guarantee that you will be provided with a full overview of the coordination and planning services we are providing with each proposal you receive.


Ready to bring your vision to life?

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In-house event professionals, decorating professionals, seamstresses, florists, rentals, and customer décor give us access to the best package pricing for your event. 

Staffing- Many planners are wonder women and super men, but we have an entire dedicated staff (not contractors) of professionals that work with us every day to focus on your event.


You won’t ever hear our staff give you a flat number for event services.  The first phase on any successful event is developing a budget.  Our experienced logistics support staff can work with you to establish a budget or assist in providing you a realistic picture of how to maximize your event needs within a given budget. 

Event Planning vs Event Coordination

We have the flexibility for you to define the role we play in your event.  Some clients need a planner to manage every detail of an event and others simply need a coordinator to pull everything together.  We provide expert client consultations to make sure that the services we propose are the best fit for your needs.

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